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TechHUB - Be the solution Nigeria needs.

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TechHub is an innovative Lab in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South-South of Nigeria helping tech startups start up faster. It is a lab with business centre facilities and all in one open space for entrepreneurs to leverage on Nigeria’s strength and capitalize on opportunities in the global economy.

Our aim is to support a new generation of Nigerian digital entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions and business models that make businesses and commerce more efficient, provide new ways to deliver government and social services and help reduce poverty and unemployment

TechHub provides a stimulating economic growth in the technology community by providing key ingredients like seed funding, mentoring and access to business expertise. Others are networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

Apart from developers and hackers, we also collaborate with government, social entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, media, tech companies and venture capitalists in and around Nigeria.

What we really do at TechHub

TechHUB - Be the solution Nigeria needs. Join Us!

Tech Lead Club: We develop software solutions for local challenges. Our skills cut across research, analysis, design, development, testing, management and growth for both mobile and web platforms.

We provide space, internet, power and mentorship for tech entrepreneurs. TechHub is a platform for people to live their tech dreams with deliberate intention of stimulating economic growth in the technology community by providing access to business expertise.

Kids code Club: Every Nigerian Child Deserves a Chance to Code

The club is for children 8 to 17 years old. We are targeting to host the club in schools nationwide because we believe, every Nigerian child deserves a chance to learn how to code.

This programme is not just about making or discovering developers, rather it strengthens problem solving and logical thinking skills. It is also useful for other aspects of our lives, careers and hobbies.

We appreciate the efforts of our network of volunteers nationwide who have invested a lot in hosting Kids Code Club in schools. Nominate a school near you and join our network of volunteers nationwide.

Kids Code Camp

Every year, we take advantage of summer and Christmas holidays to camp kids for at least 6 days. During this period, they will be exposed to various computer and programming courses ranging from creating animations, game development, web design and micro-blogging, networking and games.

At the end of the programme, we do organize kids hackathon for them to use a limited time to create products using the knowledge they acquired in the camp. The results are always amazing and here is what this blog have to say on one of such events.


TechHub membership is open to those interested in technology innovation with deliberate intentions of contributing to Nigeria’s dream of becoming an IT driven economy. Our membership community is made up of investors, tech entrepreneurs, hackers, designers, tech companies and researchers etc who fall into these 4 membership levels;

RED membership

This is the first level of membership and it’s open to those that are interested in feeling the warmth of our community. The basic requirement to be admitted here is to have interest and value for what we do in TechHub.

+Access to our virtual community
+Invitation to our events.
+They can apply for Yellow membership.
+They have regulated access to the hub.
+Membership Fee: N10,000.00 annually

Yellow membership

Yellow membership is offered to Red members who want to wear the yellow badge. For an application to be considered, the applicant who is a Red member must come to the hub for an interview. Also, he must be involved in an ongoing project.

+Physical work space
+Full access to the hub facilities for non-commercial +purposes
+Space for meetings and other Hub resources
+Growth acceleration to help turn their ideas to Minimum +Viable Product or service that is ready for help to scale.
+Invitation to contests and pitch event
+Membership Fee: N30,000.00/quarter

Green membership

Green membership is for Yellow members with a minimum viable product or service who needs a working space, business centre services at subsidized rate, mentoring, access to funds, community of experts and users.

+Desk and Locker for an agreed period
+Access to meeting room and event spaces.
+Use SkillsetHub as contact address
+Business centre services at a friendly rate
+Access to funds
+Access to community of experts and users
+Membership Fee: N50,000.00/quarter

Grey membership

Grey membership in TechHub is for tech companies in Rivers State and other technology enthusiasts in Nigeria who are interested in innovation.

+Yellow membership benefits for company representatives in the Hub
+Access to our community
+Invitation to our programs and events
+Access to the SkillsetHub’s event space for corporate events at a friendly fee
+Access to the SkillsetHub’s board room for meetings at a discounted fee
+Access to business centre services at a discounted rate
+Membership Fee: N250, 000.00/yr

Blue Membership

This level of membership is open to children in Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools. If you are between 8 and 17 years old, you are qualified to join and enjoy the following benefits;

+Access to our innovation lab
+Training on Programming, Animations, Virtual Reality, Blogging, Hardware Engineering, +Search Engines and Android Development etc.
+Invitation to our events
+Invitation to coding competition at all levels
+50% discount on Tech Summer Camps
+Free mentorship and counselling etc.
+Membership Fee: N5,000.00/quarter

Are you unsure whether you’re eligible for skillsethub membership?

Drop us an email to telling us more about your product and/or business (including links or other references where possible) - we can figure it out together.